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Karnataka Neeravari Nigama Limited (KNNL)

Sl.No Year Employer Name of the work Location Value of Work in Crores
1 2011-12 Executive Engineer, KNNL,No.3, Bhadra Canal Division, Malebennur Modernisation of Bhadra Right Bank Canal from 40.00 to 60.00 Km including lining works and rehabilitation of structures(Balance work) package 2(A)3. Malebennur,Davangere 44.06
2 2011-12 Executive Engineer, KNNL,No.4, BRLBC Division, Bhadravathi Modernization of Bhadra Right Bank Canal 20.00 to 40.00 KM including lining works and rehabilitation of structures taken up under package 2(a)2. Bhadravathi,Shimoga 77.08
3 2011-12 Executive Engineer, KNNL,U.T.P Division, Ranebennur Eartwork excavation, Forrmation of embakement, lining including Constn.of C.D.works in Km.192.000 to 195.000 km(including construction of Aqueduct from 12.00 to 18.00 Mtrs & Spans of 20 Mtrs) of U.T.P. main canal. Ranebennur,Haveri 29.19
4 2012-13 EE KNNL, Tunga, Shivmogga Survey, Investigation, Design, Manufacture, Supplying,Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Tunga Lift Irrigation Scheme on the Bank of Tunga River Near Harakere Village, Shivamoga Taluka, Shivamogga Dist Shivamoga 87.72
5 2012-13 Executive Engineer, KNNL UTP Division Ranebennur Earthwork Excavation and Formation of embankment, CC Lining with mechanical paver including Construction of CD Works from KM 227.000 to 232.000 of UTP Main Canal. Ranebennur 14.00
6 2013-14 Executive Engineer, KNNL,U.T.P Division, Ranebennur Earthwork excavation, formation of embakment, lining including construction of C.D.works from Ch. 195.00 to 202.00 Km of UTP main Canal. Ranebennur,Haveri 22.84
7 2013-14 Executive Engineer, Singatalur Lift Irrigation Division No.2, Huvinahadagali, Ballary District Package-3:- Construction of Cut and Cover including back filling, restoration of the site of work to its original status, including CD works between 13.49 Km to 17.82 Km of Left Bank Main Canal Reach III (Gadag Branch) under SLIS Huvinahadagali, Dist. Bellary 33.00
8 2014-15 Executive Engineer, KNNL,U.T.P Division, Ranebennur Costruction of Distributory No.3 from Ch.2.00 to 6.00 off taking at Ch.176.830 Km of UTP main canal including Earthwork excavation, Formation of embankment including C.C.lining and CD with construction of aqueduct from ch.2.720 to 5.720 km. Ranebennur,Haveri 30.89
9 2014-15 Executive Engineer, KNNL Shiggaon LIS, Dharwad Survey, Design, Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning Operation, Maintenance, training and transfer of the scheme of filling of mi tanks (13no’s) under shiggoan lift irrigation system on engineering, procurement construction and commissioning (epc), on lump sum turnkey basis consisting of the following :Providing laying and jointing of pumping machineries and gravity network for filling minor irrigation tank, 11kv feeder line with suitable transformer, M.S.rising main including construction of civil works of inlet, sump well and pump house, delivery chamber, electrical works, eot crane, supply of spare parts, tools, pressure relief valve, butterfly valves, air release valves, fittings and accessories etc. including operation and maintenance of the system for five years after the date of completion.   30.89
10 2016-17 EE KNNL, SLIS Div 1 Mundaragi, Gadag Design, Supplying,Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Alur & Bannikoppa Lift Irrigation Scheme. Gadag 112.45

Cauvery Neeravari Nigama Limited (CNNL)

Sl.No Year Employer Name of the work Location Value of Work in Crores
1 2012-13 EE, CNNL Saligram Modernization of Mirle (Attikatte) & Ramsamudra Anecut Canals by providing cement concrete using Mechanical Paver of CD Works from Ch 0.00 km to 10.60 Km of Mirle (Attikatte) Canal & From Ch 0.00 to 57.00. K.R.Nagar,Mysore 81.52
2 2012-13 EE CNNL Mandya (1) Improvements to Canal Old Maddur Branch Canal from Ch. 0.00 to 20.405 Km (2) Improvements to Kowdle branch Canal from 0.00 to 17.28, distry 2nd 0.00 to 4.04, Distry 4th 0.00 to 4.92, distry 6th 0.00 to 4.44. Mandya 96.71
3 2016-17 Executive Engineer, Kabini Canal Division, Nanjangud Modernisation of Nugu High Level Canal from Ch.0.00 to 87.51 Km under Nugu Reservoir Project. Chamrajnagar, Mysore. 109.11
4 2016-17 Executive Engineer, CNNL, No.1, HRB HLC Division, Gorur District, Hassan Filling of 88 tanks from Hemavathy river to augment drinking water supply need of 42 villages in Arkalgud Taluk, Hassan District. Arkalgud, Hassan 33.49
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