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Sri.P.Venkateshwar Rao popularly known as P.V.Rao hails from sindhanur town, Raichur district in Karnataka. After his graduation from St. Josephs College, Bangalore, Mr.Rao founded a proprietary firm known as P. Venkateshwar Rao & Co in 1988. Mr.Rao started with executing minor repair and routine maintenance work for KPWD and Minor Irrigation Department of The Govt. of Karnataka. The quality of work, timely completion and cost effectiveness of the firm did not go unnoticed and it was only a matter of time before the firm started handling bigger projects for clients like The KBJNL, KNNL, KIADB, KSCC and KPWD.

By the year 2006, the turnover of the firm had crossed 30 crores and Mr.Rao decided that to grow further, professionals would have to be brought in and a proper corporate structure of reporting and accountability created. To achieve the same, the proprietary firm P.Venkateshwar Rao & Co was turned into a Private Limited firm and incorporated as Amrutha Constructions Pvt ltd. The transformation and professional approach had the desired results and Amrutha Constructions began achieving astounding growth of 50% YOY. Amrutha Constructions decided to be backward integrate and foray into the cement and steel business by setting up plants to produce cement and steel in collaboration with Bose Infra energy India Pvt Ltd, where Mr.Rao also holds equity.

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