Mr.Ajit Kulkarni (Senior V.P)

Expertise in Electrical & Mechanical works and execution of works. Involve in companies works right from tendering up to commissioning of the project. Takes responsibility of procurement of materials and making necessary co-ordination with finance and execution teams and has been a big key to success.

Mr.Umashankar.V ( V.P Projects)

Experienced civil Engineer. Handling diversified natured projects systematically, especially Roads & Bridges. Guides the Engineering team for execution of work with quality and within the time schedule. Bridges the gap between the execution team and the customers.

Mr.Lakshmikantha R (Chartered Accountant)

Mr.Lakshmikantha R, is a qualified Chartered Accountant, a member of Institute of Chartered Accountant of India(ICAI), he has over a decade of experience in handling diversified finance functions, including inter alia, accounts and audit, taxation & project finance of the Company. He imparts an excellent management to the varied financial situations at Amrutha Constructions Private Limited.

Mr.Ramanathan (G.M Projects LIS)

Experienced Civil Engineer. Handles major tasks of Lift Irrigation Schemes and Sewage Treatment Plant.

Mr.S.G.Deshpande (G.M Engineering)

Mr. S.G.Deshpande, has more than 20 years of experience in handling LIS & related Projects for reputed organizations. Having done his Electrical Engineering, the value addition he provides both to the company and to clients are unmatched. At Amrutha Constructions Private Limited, he handles the LIS, Engineering & related domains.

Mr.Radha Krishna Reddy (G.M Projects)

The Company is deeply enriched by the invaluable experience and contributions from Mr. Radha Krishna Reddy. With around 38 years of experience with leading engineering companies, he is very instrumental in carrying out major clients like, CNNL, KNNL, KBJNL and KIADB. At Amrutha Constructions Private Limited currently he is heading the Project functions & Executions Team.

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